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Excellence programs

At the conclusion of each year, students have the opportunity to receive certain awards, based on their efforts and achievements throughout the year.
Academic Excellence Awards
·         Available to students in years 1-6
·         Based on A-E achievement results
·         To be considered, students must receive either an A or B result in each of these Australian Curriculum subjects; Mathematics and English

Sporting Awards
·        For 10, 11 and 12* year old students. In 2018, students born in 2008, 2007 and 2006 are eligible to receive a Sporting Award, due to having opportunities to represent not only their house and school**, but also Central Downs, Southern Downs, Darling Downs etc.
·        Maximum one student per age group (unless more than one student accumulates the most points). In the event of a tie, each student will be awarded with the sporting award for that age group. 
·        Based on a point scoring system; students are awarded points as they represent their house, the school**, Central Downs, Southern Downs, Darling Downs, Queensland, Australia.
* Ages for school sporting events are based on year born- a student born in 2008 will turn 10 in 2018, and is therefore considered to be a 10 year old for the entire year for sporting purposes.

** There is a requirement that students represent their house at school sporting events, including athletics, swimming and cross county and the triathlon event in order to be eligible for a Sporting Award.

All Rounder Award
·         Judged by staff
·         One student only from across the entire school
·         Based on academic, sporting, cultural, citizenship, ambassadorial, leadership, behaviour and effort of the student