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Parents & Citizens Association

The school P&C provides a great deal of support to the school. The meetings are important as they provide an avenue through which parents and the staff of the school can meet to discuss school policy and general school improvements.

Meetings of the P&C are held at the school on the second Tuesday of every month.


Parents, citizens and staff are welcome to attend the monthly meetings. Memberships lapse during the Annual General Meeting and anyone in attendance is reaccepted as a member.

Anyone unable to attend can apply in writing for membership to the AGM. After the AGM, people can only become members by attending a meeting and completing an application form.


Nobby State School P&C Association aims to work with the Principal and staff at Nobby State School to:-

  • Promote the interests and activities of the school in the community,

  • Be active in fundraising to support the expansion of resources at the school,

  • Be proactive in enhancing the overall educational experience for our children.

If at all possible, please come along and support the P&C. We endeavour to promote a school with a professional image and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, where parents are confident their children will gain a well-rounded education to prepare them with confidence for their future in a connected world.

There are many reasons for Parents/Carers to become involved in the education of your children. Our school encourages as many Parents/Carers as possible to become involved.

Your level of involvement will depend on the amount of time you have available and the skills you have. The participation of Parents/Carers in their children’s activities have been shown to be beneficial to the children’s self-esteem as well as providing great benefits to the school community itself. Many of the activities would not exist but for the participation of Parent/Carer volunteers.

There are a number of ways you can participate in school activities. You can be actively involved in committees/teams or alternatively you can make yourself available to volunteer time as the need arises - at the Tuckshop, with uniform sales or during our many fundraising activities.

The roles of the P&C Executive include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Their roles are as follows:

President - provides leadership and ensures communication between P&C, school and community.

Vice President - becomes familiar with P&C operations, rules and meeting procedures. Provides support and assistance to the President.

Secretary - collates agenda papers for each meeting record and deals with correspondence. Maintains attendance records.

Treasurer - responsible for compliance with the requirements of the accounting manual for P&C association. The Treasurer has overall responsibility for the financial management of the P&C, including all sub-committee accounts. The Treasurer is also responsible for the preparation of an annual budget for the P&C.